• 成为中国位居前列的ebet。




  • 培养学生成为社会和企业需要的高素质管理人才,使其具有扎实的管理学学识、强烈的社会责任感、创新精神和全球视野,推动上海、中国乃至全球经济的发展。

  • 通过开展学术研究和参与社会服务创造管理学知识,采用多样化教学方式传授知识。

  • 开展多学科学术研究,推进塑造先进的组织运营模式和管理方式,通过创新思维推动经济发展。


核心价值:责任 融合 创新 卓越


  • To become the leading business school in China.



Located in Shanghai, the largest business center in China, our mission is threefold:

  • To develop our students into top-calibre management talent to meet the needs of society and industry, possessing extensive management knowledge, a strong sense of social responsibility, innovative spirit and global perspective, to contribute to the development of Shanghai, China and the global economy

  • To create management knowledge through academic research and participation in social service, using a variety of teaching methods to impart knowledge.

  •  To conduct multi-disciplinary academic research to promote the shaping of advanced organizational operations methods and management models, to promote economic development through innovative thinking


Core Values: Responsibility. Integration. Innovation. Excellence.